Assam - In the North Eastern part of India, is a mixing urn where culture, heritage, tradition, lifestyle, faith and belief of her Aryan & Non-Aryan, numerous tribes & sub-tribes, Mongoloids & Australoids, drawn from various hives at different points of time have gone into form the Assamese culture - a fascinating and exotic recipe of delightful flavor.

Assam is a home to several wildlife sanctuaries which are a home to endangered and rare species and orchids.North East is a hub of wide variety of flora and fauna.

Orchids are abundantly found in Assam; a variety - Khopo phul(Fox tailed orchid), Bhatou Phul or Vanda coerulea etc. Assam has several attractive destinations; majority of these are National Parks, Wildlife and Bird Sanctuaries.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tourist spots in Assam

Assam is a land of huge numbers of tourist spots, which includes Kamakhya Temple, Umananda (Peacock Island), Navagraha (Temple of nine planets), Assam State Zoo, Assam State Museum, Sukreswar Temple, Geeta Mandir, Madan-Kamdev Temple and Saraighat Bridge.

A part from these, many National Parks & Wildlife Sanctuaries are there like – Kaziranga National Park (known for one horned rhinos), Siva Sagar (Shiv Temple), Majuli (largest river island in the world), Chandubi lake, Batadrava (Birth place of great Vaishnav Saint Sankardev), Saulkuchi (renowned for its world famous silk industry) and many more…

Other Wildlife Sanctuaries:

Some tourist spots by place:

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Monday, November 17, 2008

Kaziranga National Park - A World Heritage Site

Kaziranga National Park (Assamese: কাজিৰঙা ৰাষ্ট্ৰীয় উদ্যান, Kazirônga Rastriyô Uddayan) is a national park in the districts of Golaghat and Nagaon, in the state of Assam, India. The park got a tag of World Heritage Site, it hosts two-thirds of the world's Great One-horned Rhinoceroses.

Kaziranga boasts the highest density of tigers among protected areas in the world and was declared a Tiger Reserve in 2006. The park is a habitat to large breeding populations of elephants, wild water buffalo, and swamp deer. Kaziranga is recognised as an Important Bird Area by Birdlife International for conservation of avifaunal species.Kaziranga has achieved notable success in wildlife conservation, Compared to other protected areas in India. Located on the edge of the Eastern Himalaya biodiversity hotspot, the park combines high species diversity and visibility.
Kaziranga is a wide expanse of tall elephant grass, marshland, and dense tropical moist broadleaf forests, crisscrossed by four major rivers, including the Brahmaputra, and the park includes numerous small bodies of water. Kaziranga has been the theme of several books, songs, and documentaries. The park celebrated its centennial in 2005 after its establishment in 1905 as a reserve forest.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

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