Assam - In the North Eastern part of India, is a mixing urn where culture, heritage, tradition, lifestyle, faith and belief of her Aryan & Non-Aryan, numerous tribes & sub-tribes, Mongoloids & Australoids, drawn from various hives at different points of time have gone into form the Assamese culture - a fascinating and exotic recipe of delightful flavor.

Assam is a home to several wildlife sanctuaries which are a home to endangered and rare species and orchids.North East is a hub of wide variety of flora and fauna.

Orchids are abundantly found in Assam; a variety - Khopo phul(Fox tailed orchid), Bhatou Phul or Vanda coerulea etc. Assam has several attractive destinations; majority of these are National Parks, Wildlife and Bird Sanctuaries.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Cruising on the mighty Brahmaputra, Assam

Cruising on a riverboat on the mighty Brahmaputra, world’s highest river, is the best possible way to explore the untouched beauty of this unique region of northern part of India.

Traveling by train or plane through India is one of the most desired option, or who has traveled to India, will be surprised when came to know that it's really the way to go in the country in total tranquility and comfort. Yet, in reality, you can cruise for around 1700 plus miles of some rivers and inland waterways in India through the big city, next to the wildlife sanctuaries and historical monuments, and the heart of rural India. Assam Bengal Navigation are pioneers in this research.


Brahmaputra acts as a lifeline of Assam. Originally from Tibet Yarlung Tsangpo name of the river, when the named Dihang Arunachal Pradesh. In addition, it passes through the valley of Assam and Bangladesh when the Jamuna river named.

Assam is the place where the Ganges and Brahmaputra merge creates Sunderban delta and then lift from the Hooghly and the Padma tributaries.

Cruise on the Brahmaputra River began in 2003. It is operated by Assam Bengal Navigation (ABN), an Indo-British company with offices in Guwahati and London. ABN offers a variety of river boats luxury, and as Charaidew Sukapha. These boats are made to perfection luxurious rooms, kitchen and pleasant water views.

These cruises can last as long as 12 days and may also include the river Hugli. The boat does not sail at night. Tourists are provided with breaks during the cruise to enjoy jeep safaris into the forests and Assam's wildlife sanctuaries and national parks to locate the rhinoceros and the tiger before dawn elephant safari in Kaziranga and Manas National Park and visits to birding .

Rhinos can be seen by the water at night. Apart from this, wild elephant, Indian bison, monkeys, deer, peacocks, tigers and leopards, mongoose can be seen here. Rhino cruises are very popular in areas upstream and downstream. They operate from Guwahati - Tejpur or vice versa. These cruises can be combined with Tiger cruises on request.