Assam - In the North Eastern part of India, is a mixing urn where culture, heritage, tradition, lifestyle, faith and belief of her Aryan & Non-Aryan, numerous tribes & sub-tribes, Mongoloids & Australoids, drawn from various hives at different points of time have gone into form the Assamese culture - a fascinating and exotic recipe of delightful flavor.

Assam is a home to several wildlife sanctuaries which are a home to endangered and rare species and orchids.North East is a hub of wide variety of flora and fauna.

Orchids are abundantly found in Assam; a variety - Khopo phul(Fox tailed orchid), Bhatou Phul or Vanda coerulea etc. Assam has several attractive destinations; majority of these are National Parks, Wildlife and Bird Sanctuaries.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Rangia (also spelt Rangiya) (Assamese:ৰিঙয়া) is a town and a municipal board in Kamrup district (rural) in the Indian state of Assam. It is the regional divisional headquarters of the North East Frontier Railway. It's situated just 52 kilometers away from the state headquarter Guwahati.

The word Rangia come from two Assamese word ran and dia, which together means 'to give fight'. Rangia (Rangiya) is part of Mangaldoi (Lok Sabha constituency)

Place around Rangia:
  • Loch (9.5km)
  • Bāihāta (18.3km)
  • Dhamdhama (27.4km)
  • Nalbāri (28.4km)
  • Nāokāta (28.8km)
  • Chāngsāri (29.4km)
  • Maroa (29.4km)
  • Tāmulpur (31.7km)
  • Pathārughāt (32km)
  • Dumnichauki (32.7km)
  • Hājo (35.8km)
  • Khoirābāri (37.3km)
  • Barjhar (37.9km)
  • Nalbāri (44.3km)
  • Kurua (44.9km)

Streams near Rangia:
  • Nona Nadī (17.1km)
  • Puthimari Nadī (25.8km)
  • Pāglādiya Nad (27.3km) Cross into Bhutan
  • Nanai Nadī (30.2km)
  • Bar Nadī (30.2km)

Rail/Road station:
  • Ghagra (13.7km)
  • Tangla (47.5km)
  • Pānikhāiti (51.8km)

Airport close to Rangia
Guwahati International Airport, Gauhati, India (55.4km)


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